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This article is about Calories in Chicken – A Healthy Way to Eat Chicken

If you are looking to lose some pounds and are very conscious of your calorie intake, then you might want to think of the calories before you order McDonald's crispy fried chicken. Its Calories differ largely depending on the part of chicken you fancy the most and how you are cooking it. Although the calories are low and can be reduced by trimming all fats and cooking only the leanest cuts, you still have to be aware of the amount you eat.

Here is a list of calorie count for different chicken cuts or parts.

o breast with skin: 155 cal
o thigh: 235 cal
o Drumstick: 225 calories
o stuffing: 230 cal
o nuggets: 240 cal

Chicken can actually be a very good choice if you are trying to lose weight or are conscious about your health or gaining too much weight. However, you should also be aware about the part you are cooking and eating. Some parts have more fat than the others, the less the fat the better for you.

Chicken calories can differ significantly for different parts. The less fatty parts are the breasts and the drumstick. Just do not forget to get rid of the skin. The skin is very high in calories; most fat comes from the skin. Removing the skin will give you 80-180 calories less.

If you are a chicken lover, you can still add it into your diet. It's a healthy meat and really tastes good. Simply follow the tip of forgetting about the juicy skin and you are good to go. If however, you overdid it and want to get rid of the excess calories you got, some foods can help you absorb those fats and flush them away from your body. Acai berries have become popular for this benefit of cleansing the body from unwanted fats or calories. Say goodbye to calories in chicken with the help of Acai berries.

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