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This article is about Finding An Affordable Health Insurance – Request A Free Health Quote Online

Medicaid or Private Health Insurance?

For those of you who are low income, there is a big chance that you are indeed eligible for Medicaid or any other health insurance provided by the state, but for those of who are not eligible, chances are you can afford a private health insurance plan . If you are low income and you do not have Medicaid, do not worry there are tons of relatively cheap health care companies out there.

But wait, what if you can afford a private health insurance and are eligible for Medicaid which one should you take? Well it all depends on your health condition again and your environment. If you are constantly hurting yourself and need to go to a doctor's checkup or if your child needs constant medical surveillance, then it is better to go with a private health insurance because chances are they will provide more time for you. Do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with Medicaid and other public health plans, but they are being used by so many people that sometimes they just can not get to everyone, but if you are just one of those people that just needs a checkup every now and then with no serious conditions I highly recommend sticking to Medicaid or any public health care provided by the state.

You still have not told me which one is better?

Well it is a matter of your condition, but in addition you must take into consideration that private health care companies charge people money and are making a profit, there for they are paying doctors more money than a public health care that is being funded by tax dollars. There is only so much money for so many people in a state budget. So chances are if you want a great doctor you're going to have to get a private health plan.

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