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There are many reasons why you could be losing your health insurance. Some including losing a job, serious medical condition, you are no longer dependent on your parents, or maybe you are even an early retiree that has lost their health insurance. If you are losing your health insurance because of any other above, you are protected by COBRA federal law.

So what does COBRA do for me?

Basically what COBRA will do is it will provide you with 18 months of health insurance, and under special conditions you can be covered for 29 months if your employer had less than 20 employees, if your employer had more than 20 employees you can choose to continue your plan, but you must pay the premium yourself which can be expensive, your family also has the opportunity to continue under this same coverage.

So what if you have become 18 and you are separate from your parents ?, good news for you COBRA has covered for a full two years if you pay the premium. For those of you who are early retirees you do not get the same benefits as everyone else, but you are still helped to some extent. Once you reach the age of 55 from that moment on, 65% of you health insurance fees will be paid by COBRA until you are eligible for Medicaid, but before you can be secured by COBRA, you must sign up within 60 days of your period of no health insurance. The federal laws are there to protect you and your family, so there is no reason why you should not take advantage of them while they are open to you.

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