Lasik Surgery: The Gift of Corrected Vision

If you are looking to improve your vision and are tired of your glasses or contact lenses, you may want to think about Lasik surgery. Lasik eye surgery is a painless and quick procedure to get better vision fast. Some are skeptical about this procedure, but it has a 96% success rate. It is a rather simple procedure, usually lasting about 10 minutes. The doctor puts numbing eye drops in your eye, so you do not feel pain during surgery. The surgery reshapes the cornea of your eye, allowing you to see more clearly. You may experience dry eyes and blurry vision for the rest of the day, but most patients notice a dramatic increase in vision within just a few days.

Still not sure? Let’s look at more pros. You will no longer have the burden of wearing glasses and scratching the lens or breaking them. They prevent you from laying down to relax to read a book and they can be quite heavy if you have a strong prescription. Contact lenses require alot of effort and if it falls out if your eye, it could get lost or damaged, causing you inconvenience and stress. Contact lenses can make your eyes very dry and block oxygen supply to the eye when wearing them a long time, resulting in itchy, red eyes.

With Lasik eye surgery, your vision is significantly better and you will be able to do activities like sports, and many hobbies like scuba diving that are impossible with glasses or contacts. It is recommended that you rest at least 48 hours before doing these things as you may disrupt your eyes. Your eyes need plenty of rest and hydration for 24 hours.

Lasik also fixes common problems relating to eye strain. In this technological age, people spend more time in front of digital devices, causing eye and neck strain. If you are not using the right prescription with your contacts or eye glasses it can further the strain.

Many people say the cost is too expensive for the Lasik at about 2,000 per eye. But when you think about it, you are constantly changing your glasses and going to the doctor for prescription changes, it’s the same with contacts, you will have to replace them many times.

Lasik is not an option for everyone depending on your eye health. You are eligible at age 18 to have the procedure, but experts say you should wait at least until your mid-20s to give your eyes time to change. Rare occurrences happen during surgery If you are interested in this type of procedure, be sure to check out all lasik surgery atlanta ga offices.

The decision really comes down to preference and if you are eligible for Lasik surgery. Talk with your eye doctor to see if you are a candidate for Lasik. If you are tired of the hassles of having glasses or contact lenses, Lasik eye surgery may be just right for you. See a specialist right away!