Our Teeth Often Define Our Journey Through Life

Most of us have a wide assortment of memories centered around baby teeth. It might be fantastic memories of our childhoods. Losing our baby teeth is a rite of passage in some ways. It makes us feel like we’re really reaching a new stage of life. Meanwhile, other people’s memories might center around their own children. Watching our kids lose their baby teeth is similar to the experience of going through it oneself. The main difference is that the growth comes with a sense of melancholy. We take joy in our child’s milestones while also feeling sad for a little more of their childhood lost to time.

But there’s another aspect of our growing jaws which gets considerably less attention. Baby teeth take on the vast majority of our discussions about aging and teeth. But the growth of wisdom teeth is just as much of a milestone. To be sure, it’s a little less predictable than the loss of baby teeth. Our wisdom teeth typically come in during our late teens or early twenties. This also accounts for some of our culture’s lack of discussion. There just isn’t as much chance of family being around when wisdom teeth come in. By the time wisdom teeth come in we’ve typically moved away from our parents. But at the same time, we’re young enough to not have started a family of our own yet. So, we often face the issue of wisdom teeth all on our own.

And this is where people are typically shocked to find out just how complex this issue can be. People tend to assume that wisdom teeth will come in just as smoothly as they experienced when losing baby teeth. But wisdom teeth are often quite awkwardly placed in one’s jaw. Even in a best-case scenario the process tends to be fairly painful. But the larger issue comes from the fact that the best-case scenario is rather rare.

Instead, people usually deal with a wide range of additional complications. The most significant of these issues comes from impacted wisdom teeth. This can cause a wide variety of major issues. The teeth might essentially burrow through one’s gums. And these canals can essentially turn into breeding grounds for bacteria when food particles become stuck there. Or the wisdom teeth might end up pushing existing molars and cutting into their nerves. This is why it’s usually best to simply have them removed before they become an issue. Thankfully one can usually find help close to home. You can search online for any dentist that does wisdom teeth removal harrisonburg va in your area.

The process can usually be completed in a single visit. However, it’s usually a good idea to bring someone along to help out. The main reason is that people often need to deal with some short-term effects from the dental surgery. And on top of this they might need some help getting medications from a pharmacy to help with pain or risks of infection. Having a friend along can make things go much smoother. But on a larger scale one is essentially ensuring that the wisdom teeth never become a serious issue in the first place. Having them removed means that one is also removing risk of complications further down the road.