Why Every Women Needs An OBGYN

According to Cancer.net, in America, there will be more than about 63,200 women who will be diagnosed with having uterine cancer. Sadly, this cancer is actually the fourth common cancer being diagnosed for women in America. What many researchers have recently found is that there have been an increased number of women being diagnosed with this type of cancer. Many researchers believe that the cause for this diagnosis has much to do with the fact that obesity is a major risk factor for this cancer. Obesity has been also steadily climbing in the United States, which has put women at a higher risk. It is important for all women to keep up with their exams and checkups in order to keep their health in tact. With uterine cancer, many times you cannot tell whether or not you are experiencing symptoms or signs. The only definite way of determining whether or not you could be facing this type of cancer is by seeing your OBGYN. Seeing your OBGYN on a regular basis can help prevent many types of cancers, as well as diseases from occurring in your body.

According to the American Cancer Society, endometrial uterine cancer is so common in America, that there are about more than 63,200 new cases every year and about 11,350 women will actually sadly lose their lives from it. It is very unfortunate that women are forced to deal with these types of aggressive cancers. However, if these types of cancers are caught early, you are able to increase your chance of survival. Studies have shown that this type of uterine cancer usually occurs when women are at the age of 45 and up. However, that does not mean that you are at a lower risk for developing this cancer because you are younger. There have been many women under the age of 45 years old who has also developed this type of cancer.

It is critical that all women see an OBGYN for a regular checkup and exam. Especially, if you are sexually active. Young teens may also need to see an OBGYN to make sure that they are healthy and free of disease. You never want to assume that you are healthy because you are not sexually active. An OBGYN is a doctor of the female organs, therefore, regardless of your status, an OBGYN is the best doctor to help provide proper care for most women. Take time to find your nearest OBGYN, if you don’t already have one that you see on a regular basis. You can look up a trusted OBGYN Billings MT.

Keeping up with your health is critical to living a long healthy life. When you neglect your medical care, you are putting yourself at a higher risk. Take time to put your health first by making an appointment with your nearest OBGYN and become more aware of your current health status. Never wait on your health, as every minute is precious to your life.